Monday, July 15, 2019
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Sales skills

We encourage managers to look for new sales techniques or best practices.


We give confidence to use personal selling techniques.

Planning and appropriate organizational strategy is important for management, but for sales - decisive factor is the sales managers ability to sell.

We will help you to gain confidence and knowledge in sales techniques by:

  • Consultative selling;
  • Listening skills enhancement;
  • Sales process knowledge;
  • Use of objectives;
  • The art of negotiation;
  • Continuous improvement techniques.


Together we create a truly sustainable sales team.

A good team is always better than a bunch of good individuals. Use of the advantages of the team can can significantly contribute to the achievement of organisational objectives.

We will help you learn how to:

  • Set common goals;
  • Set rules;
  • Manoeuvre with diversity;
  • Mobilise and motivate;
  • Improve.

From the individuals employed in the group we will gather a wonderful, high-gain team.


You will create yourself a strong advisory role, namely that you happen to be one that customer will appeal to.

By having strong working relationship with the customer you will gain a trusted advisors status, and thus become the first in which customer calls when needs advice or help.

This can only be achieved by providing the highest level of service and with the full confidence from the client-side, that you are the one who will advise, consult and the provided information will be the best.

This is achieved usually through a high level of emotional intelligence, professionalism and personal abilities combined together with the overall service quality.

Together we develop:

  • Professional skills to advise;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • Knowledge of service quality;
  • Communication skills.


Your sales team's effectiveness is strengthened by helping members to understand better their strengths and weaknesses, and the potential to achieve results.

Each sales manager or representative in order to be effective requires a good understanding of themselves, their strengths and weaknesses and their capacity to achieve results. During the training you will learn how to do it.

Let’s grow together!